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Thoughts that came into mind after Marc Rubio’s speech

Paul Ryan and Marc Rubio, and a lot of the new Republicans…have this way of starting a speech or a new topic with basic, salient, bi-partisan rhetoric…only to 180 and quickly jump into what they actually want: the same talking points, paid for by their donors, that have been ripped apart by the old conservatives including Ben Stein, Forbes magazine, and the Economist, as well as Reagan advisors, and the rest of the economists and experts deemed too elite or “liberally-biased” to present the academic aspect of any national issue, really…

Those they call job creators don’t create the jobs…both literally, when you actually compare the title to available statistics, and within the tenets of capitalism…new businesses are, by far, the leader in job creation right now, and perhaps within the ideology of capitalism itself…

In reality, the current wealth who have dubbed themselves “job creators” are supposed to be the business creators, along with the banks, through investment and wealth-insured risk-taking…new businesses and entrepreneurs are the literal job creators, and expand job creation through a direct expansion of the market.  .01% of current investors are hiring more than they are downsizing right now…the “job creator” myth and downright lie seems to be a clear-as-day sign of their agenda:  false idolization at the ransom of middle-class status…dollars in their pocket, and the leverage on their side…

Taxes have nothing to do with job creation…they never have.  Means of Production, Supply, and Demand have everything to do with job creation.  Unless the wealthy start cloning themselves and begin shopping for more than one person, the consumer economy isn’t going to kick back up until the consumers can afford it.  Wall Street can blame the consumer all they want, but they favor hysterical ranting over an answer to the math behind how a consumer economy circulates.  These people literally shout out over the suggestion of basic economic principles, to undermine an apathetic, misinformed audience, by avoiding a rational discussion towards an economy that improves upon its predecessor in the stagnating wake of its faults and the harm done through them.  ”You shouldn’t punish success!” says the people who spend their “hard-earned” money on legislators to rig the game for them and those they mentor, and sink the economy in the process with a complete disregard for the American citizen and their respective families.  Nobody is suggesting taking their money away.  We’re asking, if anti-social behavior is plummeting the economy and giving a bad name to capitalism, to regulate the anti-social behavior, so the creativity that makes capitalism great can be spread through equal opportunity, education, and good health.

We have a century of tax regulation that tells us which policy could sink our economy and what wouldn’t…taxing the rich 90% came around the time we became #1…and somehow, moving from 31-34% is “socialist”….most of America’s greatest scientific and entrepreneurial minds paid more than twice the taxes paid by the Koch brothers, the CEO of Chic-Fil-A, and today’s Republicans…it didn’t stifle creativity or job growth…perhaps its the culture of many our current wealth…the big babies that proclaim being victimized by their advantages over others…the ones that demand representation over the people in our government in an information-age society…if having to pay for schools and the healthcare of your employees hurts your feelings, maybe its you…because the radio, television, the vaccine for polio, the phone…they didn’t happen because of tax policy…they didn’t create as many jobs as they did because of a tax policy…

Those who claim taxes affects the “handouts” they can give to the “needy” workers seem to want idolization for ideas anybody could have…for capitalism’s true strength is the endless number of ways an idea can be reached…in a tight economy of fragile businesses and banks unwilling to take risks…only the advantaged remain safe…

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